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This modification upgrades the ignition driver(s) inside your ECU. This modification (or repair) is worth up to 10 hp on some vehicles. This is applicable for almost all ECUs.

Purchase 1 for each ignition driver your ECU is equipped with. Distributed systems have one driver. Coil on plug systems with wasted spark have 1 driver per 2 cylinders. Coil on plug systems with direct drive have 1 driver per cylinder.

While this modification doesn’t require a specific tune, a tune matching the driver’s characteristics is highly recommended. On older ECUs that do not have processor-controlled driver triggering, there is no need for any other change.

Compatible ECUs:

  • K-Jetronic (1973-1994)
  • L-Jetronic (1974-1989)
  • Other Jetronic (1967-1995)
  • Motronic (multiple; 1984-1996)
  • Seimens (multiple; 1996+)
  • Honda Pxx (multiple; 1986+)
  • and more!


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