We release new firmware on a regular basis for many ECUs. Tunes that are 1+ year old are eligible for reflashing to our newest mapping and sssoftware. If we release new software within 1 year of your purchase, we are happy to reflash it for free, just cover shipping. You can view the date of our last software updates on THIS page.

This applies only to software updates and not tune changes for different engines/parts/etc. If you need a new tune for new parts, we do require tune reflashes. There are steep discounts available compared to buying a whole new tune — you can view our reflash program here.

There are two methods which can get you updated software:

  1. Reflash your current chip:
    1. Place your order.
    2. You will automatically be provided with with a form to fill out and include with your original chip.
    3. Send us your chip using the address listed on the form from the previous step.
    4. We will reflash your chip and return it within 1-2 business days of receipt.
  2. Order a new chip:
    1. Order a new chip for your specific engine/setup.
    2. Include a note in the “Order Notes” section at checkout that this will be a software update.
    3. We will send your new chip within 1-2 business days.
    4. We will provide a form for you to fill out and where to return your old chip to. Return your old chip at your convenience.
    5. Once we receive your original chip, we will issue a refund for all but the cost of the software update + shipping cost + a $10 USD fee for the fresh chip.


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