VAM (Volume Airflow Meter) calibration is the process of making manual adjustments to the inner components of a VAM in order to correctly match its signal output to the airflow throughput.

There are a few reasons why a VAM may need to be calibrated:

  • The VAM has recently been repaired, or is of unknown condition, and needs to be calibrated or verified for proper output signal to airflow value.
  • A popular, but bad and dangerous modification that was popular in the 90s, was to make adjustments to the VAM arm position and spring tension. This is potentially fatal to an engine, and should never be done without the aide of a bench flow machine. This service can return a VAM to proper calibration and working order.
  • There are “dead-spots” on the resistor pad, which can sometimes be remedied with a calibration and adjustment of how the arm makes contact with the VAM’s PCB contact patch.

In the following link, you can read more about the various VAM adjustments and why you will never want to attempt these.

Dead-spots are areas where the VAM’s output signal drops out, or suddenly jumps in output signal. This tends to happen where the VAM makes the most sweeping contact, but can happen elsewhere as well. An example of what these drop-outs look like can be seen in the following graph:

These drop-outs tend to cause rough running, hesitation, knock, and other problems that can be detrimental or fatal to an engine.

This service will calibrate your VAM from its minimum to maximum ranges. An example of a properly calibrated VAM can be seen in the below image.

If you suspect your VAM needs a complete refurbishment, or we find that your VAM cannot be properly calibrated without a refurbishment, you can view our VAM refurbishment service here.

If you believe your shipping quotation is too high for this item, please contact us! Sometimes the weight can cause issue with the shipping calculation. It should fit into a medium priority box from USPS, which would be $12.85-$14 (depending on region) within the United States.

You can read more about VAMs on our WIKI here:

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