DON’T PANIC! We’ve Got Your Frequently Asked Questions Here!

The tuning and modification FAQ and resources are being moved to our new wiki here: wiki.sssquid.com

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  • How quickly will my item ship?
    • Most orders will ship on the next business day, but this depends on what was ordered, if anything was backordered, and a number of other factors. Please keep in mind this is a small business!
  • How quick is the shipping?
    • We offer a number of shipping options, you can see their estimated delivery time and costs on the “cart” and “checkout” pages (no purchase necessary to see).
    • If you need something quicker or specialized, we can provide even further options beyond what is displayed on the cart page. Please contact us with your needs!
  • What is “free shipping” and how do I get it?
    • The “free shipping” service is the same as First Class or Priority Mail (depending on a number of factors), except it’s free!
    • The “free shipping” option is available to customers whose order exceeds the minimum amount to qualify. The minimum order amount depends on where the order is being shipped. $100 USD for orders within the United States and $300 for international orders. This may change due to sales, special offers, or other reasons.
  • My package is taking longer to arrive than I expected it to.
    • Look, this is a small business. We don’t have control over these massive international shipping companies. They will try their best to deliver your package within their estimated time, but if they can’t, we do not have the power to force them to deliver it quicker. If you aren’t aware, there is an ongoing global pandemic.
    • If your domestic delivery takes two weeks longer than estimated, we can open a claim against the shipping company. They will not accept claims any sooner than that, even for us (no matter how cute we may look).
    • This period is 4 weeks for international, however if your packages has already been transferred to your local postal service, we no longer have the ability to do so and you will need to open a claim with your local postal service.
  • I want more information than what the tracking number gives me.
    • Contact the shipping company, they will tell you “all the information we have is in the tracking number.” This is the same answer we can give you because it’s the same answer we get. We don’t have access to any super secret shipping information.
  • My tracking number hasn’t updated! Ship my package!
    • Chances are good it has shipped. It’s not uncommon for a tracking number to never update despite the package being shipped and even delivered.
  • Are deliveries delayed due to COVID?
    • Yes, which is why you are warned many times from the second you visit our website to the time you receive your order tracking information. We CANNOT issue refunds for delayed shipments! Read more.


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  • SSSQUID is proud to offer an UNLIMITED LIFETIME warranty on many items and tunes, of which you can read more about in the link below:


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  • We offer a variety of sponsorships for a variety of vehicles. You can find out more, and apply, at the link below:


  • Do you offer regular sales or discounts?
    • We offer seasonal sales, refurbished and blemished units, and other deals. Keep checking back or get signed up for our email-blast on the contact us page!


  • Do you have social media? Where can I follow SSSQUID?
    • No, we do not have or use social media like facebook. If you see an account claiming to be us, it’s fake, please report it.
    • Many years ago we ran an instagram, but it has been in disuse since 2016. We have no plans to ever use it again.
  • Which countries do you sell to?
    • We sell to any country except for: Russia, Iran, North Korea, Syria, Israel, Jordan or Australia.
    • Due to COVID, shipping to many countries is difficult or outright halted. If you are unsure if your country has enacted import restrictions against the United States, please check with your local government. We do not have the power to override national quarantine measures or customs.
  • What do the extra S’s stand for in “SSSQUID”?
    • Can you guess? Contact us with your best theory and win free gifts!
    • We would just like to be clear that this has nothing to do with any nazi BS. If you are a nazi, neo-nazi, dalek, ISIS, klansmen, IDF, or any other nation/race/religion supremacist, go to hell and DO NOT BUY FROM US. We support a peaceful world for all, and reserve the right to deny service to anyone who spews hateful ideology.
  • How do I pronounce “SSSQUID”?
    • We maintain that the correct pronunciation is to hiss like a snake, then add “quid”.
    • You are welcome to pronounce it as “S.S. SQUID” as long as you understand that the “S.S.” is the nautical abbreviation used for boats across the centuries.