Curious about our Tune Staging System? It’s quite simple, but slightly differs from our earlier nomenclature (pre-2018). Keep in mind that the minimum requirements for each stage are a little loose, as each tune is specific to your modifications and is not just a generic, pre-programmed chip. If you have any questions, concerns, or comments, please do not hesitate to send us a message!

What is a “Stage”? A Stage is the modification level of your vehicle. As the modification level (Stage) rises, the amount of work and time involved with creating the software and tune for your vehicle increases. Therefore different Stages are made available dependent upon the components of the vehicle being tuned.

What Stage should I choose? You should choose the Stage that best reflects the modification level of your vehicle.

I want to go with a higher Stage than my vehicle’s modifications reflect! That’s fine, but you will get the same tune either way. All tunes provided are specific to your modifications, not just generic off-the-shelf tunes. However, we always appreciate tips!


This cheat-sheet will help you quickly decide which Stage to choose. Keep scrolling to read a more detailed description of each Stage.

Primary Stages

By default, all tunes ordered are fulfilled as a Standard Stage. Our Standard tunes are designed to be driven on a daily basis with some time spent at the track as well. All Standard tunes are designed to pass SMOG testing (often with better results than stock). We also offer many special Sub-Stages such as Race, Drift, and Economy (continue reading…).

  • Stage 0.5

    This Stage is intended for stock vehicles and offers a modest increase in performance and economy.
    Minimum requirements: none
    Recommended modifications: intake (drop-in filter or complete)

  • Stage 1.0

    This Stage is intended for mostly-stock engines with minor bolt-on modifications.
    Minimum modifications: intake (drop-in filter or complete) + exhaust
    Recommended modifications: exhaust manifold (header) + hi-flow catalytic converter

  • Stage 1.5

    This Stage is intended for mostly-stock engines with both bolt-on and minor internal modifications.
    Minimum modifications: Stage 1.0 + camshaft
    Recommended modifications: exhaust manifold

  • Stage 2.0

    This Stage is intended for internally upgraded engines, but retains all daily comfort and safety features.
    Minimum modifications: Stage 1.5 + valvetrain
    Recommended modifications: port and polish

  • Stage 2.5

    This Stage is intended for majorly upgraded engines only.
    Minimum modifications: Stage 2.0 + EITHER compression OR stroke upgrade
    Recommended modifications: lightweight flywheel + valvetrain

  • Stage 3.0

    This Stage is intended only for totally upgraded engines only, with high compression, larger displacement, and advanced internal components such as: weight reduced rods, high-strength/lightweight head components, etc. If you have upgraded every last engine component, this is your Stage.
    Minimum modifications: Everything.

  • Forced Induction (Turbocharger or Supercharger)

    This Stage is intended for vehicles on forced induction. A specific tune for each customer is tailored to specific mods. Please CONTACT US before ordering a F/I tune.
    Minimum modifications: forced induction conversion such as turbocharger or supercharger


Special Sub-Stages are additional refinements to the Primary Staging to better suit the purpose of your vehicle. Any Primary Stage can have a Special Stage applied (e.g. Stage 1.5 Endurance; Stage 3.0 Economy; Stage 1.0 Race). By default, all tunes are Standard Sub-Stage.

  • Sport

    Previously called “Standard”, the “Sport” Stage is what most everyone will want to use. It features the most desirable combination of power and engine safety. It improves every area of engine operation.

  • Drift

    This Sub-Stage is intended specifically for drift vehicles. It has powerful mid-range range torque with a safe and reserved top-end. It incorporates safety features for vehicles that spend a lot of time at or near the rev limiter. The rev limit is lower than other Sub-Stages, but higher than stock. A mild-burble is automatically tuned-in unless using a catalytic converter. All variables customizable upon request!

  • Economy

    This tune is designed for maximum fuel economy with a lower priority on power. The rev limiter is increased less than the Standard or other Sub-Stages. Generally this tune will allow for even greater engine longevity than stock while still offering a minor power increase. All variables customizable upon request!

  • Endurance

    This tune is intended specifically for endurance racing vehicles and has a balance of economy and power, with a focus on safety for extended periods of running while maintaining peak power. Saves more fuel than Race or Standard tunes to decrease fuel weight needed between pit stops. Can be setup for any number of vehicles. All variables customizable upon request!

  • Race

    This tune is intended specifically for race-only vehicles and has a focus on peak power. This Sub-Stage is designed for maximum power with less emphasis placed on engine longevity and safety features. This tune has the quickest filtered variable update time which makes it extremely responsive, but it may be harsh and unfriendly for street driving. The people that choose this tune are likely replacing or rebuilding their engine at the end of each race season, or every other season.

    • Mid-range power (3000-5000 RPM). A higher rating means more available power in the middle RPM ranges.
    • High-range power (5000+ RPM). A higher rating means more available power in the higher RPM ranges.
    • Fuel consumption performance. A higher rating means better fuel efficiency.
    • Takes into consideration knock resistance, engine longevity, and programmed power reduction during hot-temp situations. A higher rating means a longer lasting engine.
    • Throttle filtering speed, idle speed and settling, off-throttle action. General street driving comfort. A higher rating means a smoother driving experience.