Closure November 20-26

We will be closed from November 20-26 so everyone can spend time with family for the holiday. During this time we will still accept online orders, but cannot ship or provide service during this time. If you need something immediately, please get in contact or place your order by Friday (November 17th) at 6 PM […]


We have been working tirelessly to make major updates to a large number of Bosch ECUs, writing entirely new programs and creating unparalleled software/tunes for them. Because this is such a major update to so many different ECUs, we are offering a fair discount on our SSSoftware Update program (which is already quite reasonably priced). […]

New site, who dis?

Well, here it is! The new site is up and running. Far quicker than the old one, and much more colorful. This new design was released about 2 months early due to an unexpected complete failure of our previous hosting service, so not everything was tested as thoroughly as it would have been if we […]


With multiple successive days over 100’F upon us and an un-airconditioned shop, that means we have to be smart and stay safe. We must limit our time working on vehicles and performing certain tasks, like injector refurbishment, fabrication, oil testing, and others. Please allow an extra few days for services that must be performed in […]

Sin City BMW + SSSQUID Take Two Top sTeps at Willow Springs

Once again Sin City BMW prove that their skill and car setup are among the best in NASA racing, by not only taking first and second place at Willow Springs, but setting new class track records at the same time! Their BMW E36 M3 outpaced the next fasted TT5 class vehicle — another E36 M3 […]

Email Server Issue (July 17-28)

Unfortunately our email server had a misconfiguration for contact form submissions on the CONTACT page from July 17 through July 28, 2020 resulting in the inability to receive or send messages. If you contacted us through the form between those dates and have not yet received a response, please contact us again! While the CONTACT […]


EXPECT DELAYED DELIVERY ON ALL SHIPMENTS! While we can still ship items, we cannot perform in-person services, and some other services may be delayed. Please be aware that you will likely experience a delay of some sort, either with order fulfillment or during shipping, or both. We do not have control over the shipping companies. […]

Sin City BMW + SSSQUID Take Two Top Tiers by Braving Buttonwillow

With everything going on, good news is always welcome. As places begin to slowly reopen, more racing will be available again. In their first event of the year, the Sin City BMW team took a 2nd and 3rd place on Sunday and Saturday racing at Buttonwillow Raceway in California. Their SSSQUID powered E36 M3 has […]

Rally Baby + SSSQUID Take 1st at Mid-Ohio!

That’s right, baby, the SSSQUID tuned Rally Baby E30 dominated at Mid-Ohio Raceway on Saturday with a 1st in class finish in the American Endurance Racing league. After 255 laps that top-step must have felt sweet, and the champagne even sweeter. Get involved with the American Endurance Racing league here:

Premium Dudes + SSSQUID Take 1st at Indy!

Another astonishing victory for the SSSQUID tuned Premium Dudes E30 in the ChampCar Endurance Racing series! After an insane TEN HOURS of hard racing on Sundady they beat out the next place runner by 44.4 seconds. Never give up, never surrender! They pulled off this stunt with damage and everything! Read more here: […]