Hello and welcome to SSSQUID TUNING V3.0. This is more than just a website redesign, we have also COMPLETELY REDESIGNED our entire tune line-up to include the latest CUSTOM SSSQUID software for each vehicle.

Built from the ground-up in-house, we use the latest definition and firmware files to ensure you receive an unparalleled tune backed by knowledgeable support directly from the tuners and the most complete warranty on the market.

The new website design may contain bugs or errors as we work them all out. If you notice anything, please CONTACT us! All feedback is appreciated.

You’ll also see that our catalog is a bit smaller for the moment. This will be the case as we focus our time and efforts on current product releases and fully testing each new iteration of every tune. Our goal is to completely revamp our entire tuning line-up. If you do not see your vehicle listed, that doesn’t mean we do not have a tune for it. Please contact us with any requests!

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