California SMOG Results (STG2 E30)

Here are results from a recent Stage 2 tuned, built E30 going through California emissions testing on our tune.

As you can see, it passed the test with flying colors. No issue there!

Build Specs:

  • Magnaflow 334006 HIGH-FLOW CAT (retaining a catalytic converter is very important to emissions testing and the environment. You can make nearly the same power with a high-flow cat as with no cat at all, and it will put out fewer emissions)
  • Bimmerheads 274 camshaft
  • 2.8L, 9.7:1 compression
  • 885 head, ETA block
  • 328i crankshaft (shortened piston skirts + turned)
  • ETA rods
  • 3-angle valve job
  • S52 injectors
  • M30 AFM


While this vehicle has passed emissions testing, it does not mean all vehicles will. The products used may or may not be legal for highway use, and this information is only posted as a reference for how a clean tune can also be a powerful tune, there is no need to sacrifice one for the other.


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