Speed Density Table Generation




We are opening up some of our internal tools to public use. One of these invaluable tools is SD (Speed Density) table calculation. This is incredibly useful for people using SD tuning by utilizing a MAP sensor.

We can generate tables for: MegaSquirt, Cobb AccessTuner, VEMs, AEM EMS/Infinity, Haltech, Bosch MS or Motronic, and Siemens MS(S), RomRaider, and many more. We can work with you to setup our software to support other brands as well — any ECU that uses raw VE tables, relative VE tables, or factor scalar tables (like Cobb).

How it works:

  • Provide exact engine displacement, number of cylinders, and injector flow rate (preferably part number)
  • Provide as many logs as possible. We recommend at least 1 total hour of driving at different RPM ranges and loads.
    • These logs need to contain, at minimum:
      • RPM
      • Manifold absolute pressure
      • Recorded AFR
    • And then at least one of the following additional combinations:
      • MAF airflow (if equipped) in g/s, kg/hr, lb/hr, or similar
      • Estimated VE
      • Recorded AFR + target AFR
  • Optionally, but very helpfully, please also include your current SD VE map, the RPM and MAP axes maps, and injector duty cycle %.


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