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  • Do you have a MAF Conversion Kit?
    • Yes, these are now available publicly!
  • Does it work?
    • Yes, perfectly.
  • Can I use it with the stock tune or am I required to buy a SSSQUID tune?
    • You can absolutely use it with the stock tune. In fact, you can use it with any tune that matches the original VAM (AFM) mapping specifications.
  • What vehicles does this work with?
    • This works with any vehicle running ML1.0 up to M1.7.2.
    • As long as they are using the above ECUs, this includes the M20B20, 23, 25, and 27; M30B34 and 35; M88; M40B16 and 18; M42B16 and 18; M44/12, 40, 41, 51, and 52; as well as a few other engines.
  • Do you offer a kit right now?
    • Yes! We now offer kits at retail! Please see the link at the top of the page.
  • If I buy a pre-production kit, are there any deals on a final-production kit when they’re available?
    • All pre-production customers are entitled to a FREE upgrade to final production units! We just ask international buyers to cover shipping.
  • What is the wait time for a pre-production kit?
    • Generally 1-3 weeks.

Original Post

We have been working on a proper MAF conversion for E28, E30, E34, and similar VAM-equipped models. Our primary goal is to produce a MAF Conversion Kit (MCK) that does not require a retune, that’s plug-and-play, and that properly converts the MAF signal into a signal that the stock ECU is expecting to see. Currently, there are no other MAF conversions on the market that performs these tasks. Yes, including that one!

In modern MAF-equipped ECUs, there are entire algorithms and coding sections dedicated to correctly reading, filtering, and smoothing the input. This code is absent on older, VAM-equipped ECUs and therefore in-order to properly feed the ECU a MAF signal, the maths and programming must be done externally. Our MCK uses a custom coded microprocessor along with circuit boards — designed in-house and made in America — that take care of these essential tasks.

After dozens of iterations, changes, updates, and improvements, we are nearing a release-ready product. If you are interested in becoming a backer, please contact us.

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