M30B34 (Euro) Stage 1.0, 89 octane, Shiedmann headers. Green line is 3rd gear pull, other two are 4th gear pulls.

The Difference Between Dynos

We get a lot of questions about power output. Mostly it’s about “how much HP and TQ will I gain?” (see FAQ) Often times customers are happy for going over expectations, but sometimes they are asking about power not being at high as it was expected it to be. When most N/A cars are only making between 150-200hp, every HP counts, and it’s important to note how everything from elevation to weather to fuel quality can make a dramatic difference in demonstrated power output, not to mention the fact that different dynos read differently. And that’s all without taking into account vehicle/engine condition.

It’s not often we get a customer that is willing to visit two different dynos with the same car and same tune in the same city on the same fuel, but luckily we found one! Just take a look at the difference in power between two different dyno systems.

Green line is 3rd gear pull, other two are 4th gear pulls.


That is a difference of 20hp with 0 changes. This is why it’s often more important to look at the gains over the previous tune using the same measuring software…


Peak gains: 30hp, +38tq


Stock VS Cobb STG1 vs SSS STG1.0. Same car, same day, same conditions.


So there you have it! Outright numbers good and can show how well your car is performing, but it’s best to get before/after dynos on the same machine to see those improvements. Measuring gain is often more important and telling than measuring total, as total is relative to the measurement device used.

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