S52B32 OBD-1 CHIP (3.5″ MAF)


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Bring your S50 to life with this fully tuned, daily driven, and track tested  performance chip. The SSSquid Tuning performance chip is the most complete tune on the market, with every aspect of the mapping being optimized from idle to wide-open-throttle.

Launch Control: !!!NOW AVAILABLE ON ALL 93-95 325i AND M3 ECUs!!! Please CONTACT US to configure this feature.

This chip is intended only for vehicles using the 3.5″ 540i (P/N 800) MAF.

This chip is compatible with the following engines that have been converted to or swapped into OBD-1:

  • S52B32 US SPEC


0.5 20 25 7100
1.0 35 45 7200
1.5 60 70 7400
2.0 ++ ++ 7600
2.5 ++ ++ ++
3.0 ++ ++ ++
*over a stock vehicle on a stock tune. HP/TQ numbers are general estimates and will vary.

Don’t know what stage you need? Looking for a little advice? Please see the GETTING STARTED page or CONTACT US for more information!


Shipped and sold directly by SSSQUID!

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