While we can still ship items, we cannot perform in-person services, and some other services may be delayed.

Please be aware that you will likely experience a delay of some sort, either with order fulfillment or during shipping, or both. We do not have control over the shipping companies. Please be kind, patient, and understanding of the harsh circumstances we are all facing every day.

Domestic delivery times:
– First Class: 4-30 days
– Priority: 2-14 days
International delivery times:
– First Class: 10-120 days
– Priority: 5-30 days

These are just general estimates, and it can take longer depending on many, many, many factors that are outside of our control.

If these delivery times are not acceptable, contact us for further shipping options before placing your order. There are shipping methods which cost significantly more, but are also significantly quicker or have guaranteed delivery times.

What we must temporarily halt:
– Dyno/street tuning
– Installations
– Travel for events/races/tuning

What we can continue, but may take a little longer:
– Order fulfillment
– Injector refurbishment
– Bench flashing
– CAD design
– CFD analysis and optimization
– PCB design
– Item production (this is significantly delayed; PCB production is nearly halted)

Remember: WEAR A MASK when in public! If a Formula 1 pit-crew can do everything while in heavy fire-retardant gear, a full-face helmet, and a mask, you can grocery shop in air-conditioning wearing sandals, a tank-top, and a mask.

All orders will be shipped as quickly as possible, but please expect a delay.

If you have any questions or concerns, please CONTACT US.

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