Supplemental Squid Services

We offer many services beyond tuning, from full flow analysis of intake and exhaust manifolds, to injector refurbishment and testing. Below, you can find out more about our various services. If you are curious about any services, don’t hesitate to CONTACT US!


Injector Refurbishment

We offer full flow testing and injector refurbishment. This process entails many services, including ultrasonic pulse cleaning, high pressure reverse flushing, flow-matching, and the replacement of the: o-rings, pintle caps, and filters.

The cost of this service is $10/pc for 4 or more, or $15/pc for less than 4 (+ shipping). Please CONTACT US to get setup!


Synthetic Thermodynamic Analysis

With a rich background in thermodynamics, we can proudly offer full flow analysis of every engine component, from the intake filter to the muffler! Are you designing a new product? An intake, intake manifold, valves, pistons, exhaust manifold? What about a muffler? We can provide analysis and correction, or full ground-up design of any of these systems.

Aerodynamic Analysis

We regularly provide aerodynamic analysis of various vehicle components, including: front splitters, spoilers, undercarriage components, and vortex generation systems. These analysis are useful for race teams looking to improve not only their aerodynamic footprint, but also to help improve the placement of intake systems, radiators, and more. This service is quite flexible in terms of pricing and length of analysis, so please CONTACT US to find out more!