Recommended Modifications

Welcome to SSSQUID RM, a place where you can go to see our modification recommendations based upon thousands of customers and feedback.

While a work-in-progress, each engine will be separated and branched into goals of operation (or GOO), such as “Daily”, “Endurance Racing”, and “Forced Induction” — with F.I. broken down into sub categories for style (TC or SC) and power goals.

Please browse below to find your engine!


  • M20
    • B20
    • B23
    • B25
    • B27
    • “Stroker” (aka 2.7i, 327i M20B25/7)
  • M30
    • B34
    • B35
  • M42
    • B18
  • M50
    • B25NV
    • B25TU
  • M60
    • B40
    • B44