SQUID INK: GEARBOX is a revolutionary transmission oil additive designed to significantly decrease gearbox (transmission / differential) component wear. After extensively testing, we introduce this additive specifically for transmissions and differentials. This additive lowers operating temperature, increases wear resistance, and reduces metal shavings.

Too many people put all of their effort into engine oils, but gearbox oil is often just as or even more important. Gearbox oils are often not filtered, receive no external cooling, and are not pressurized like engine oils. Transmission and differentials simply sit in a hot bath of oil, making it absolutely necessary for the quality of oil used in these applications to be top-tier. SQUID INK: GEARBOX can be used on both street and track vehicles and should be added at every gearbox oil change, which is recommended to be complete at every (or every-other) engine oil change. Despite the odd bikini-clad model, Ichishima-san of Spoon Sports explains it best:

SQUID INK is laboratory proven to reduce wear up to 70%!


  • 2 (two) bottles consisting of 2 fluid ounces each of SQUID INK: GEARBOX


Shipped and sold directly by SSSQUID!

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