Running OBD-2 (OBD-II) and need your current tune updated? Send us your current tune and a log(s) and we will update your tune — fueling, ignition, and any other minor corrections that may be needed. For full/new OBD-2 tuning or to have us flash your ECU, please see our full tune catalog and the OBD-2 ECU Flash page.

This requires your vehicle to be already running and with a base tune for your setup. We will need the following parameters logged: (the parameters may be worded differently depending on your ECU and logging software)

  • Time
  • Vehicle Speed
  • Ignition
  • Ignition Advance
  • Feedback Knock; Knock Correction
  • RPM
  • Air to Fuel Ratio (or Lambda value. Preferably from a wideband source!)
  • Manifold Air Pressure*
  • Throttle Position
  • Load

* Only necessary where applicable.

The more data you can log, the more we can work with, but logging too many parameters can slow down logging frequency. It’s best to keep logged parameters fewer than 20.



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