M20B257 (E30 325e HEAD SWAP) CHIP


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This performance chip is made specifically for the 731 or 885 head on the B27 2.7L 325e block, preferably with Motronic 1.1/1.3 upgrade. Typically this is referred to as: a “Frankenstein” engine, M20B257, M20B25+27, “stroker” motor, “2.7i”, or “327i”. Please specify if 731 or 885 head was used, as the combustion chamber designs differ.


  • I don’t want to upgrade to Motronic 1.1 or 1.3. Can I still use this chip?
    • Yes. If you are retaining your original ETA harness and ECU, you can still order a chip for the 027 ECU. Please let us know if your 027 ECU is 24 or 28 pin when ordering.
    • PLEASE NOTE if you use the original ETA ECU you MUST use low impedance injectors, which most likely means using your stock 325e injectors. You also MUST use the original 325e VAM and sensors.
    • It is VERY HIGHLY recommended that you upgrade to Motronic 1.1 or 1.3!


0.5 6800
1.0 7000
1.5 ++
2.0 ++
2.5 ++
3.0 ++

++ Denotes modification-specific limits. We will recommend a rev limit based on your engine modifications, but it can also set according to your request!

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